Operation Patriotism 24-7

My Challange:
Encourage business owners and residents ​in the US to fly the Amerian Flag with Pride! ​​

Michael Quilty
​Veteran of USMC
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Letter to the editor:
I'm a 69 year old Vietnam veteran living here in Buffalo.  I do a lot of walking through both residential and commercial areas.  Something that is very dear to my heart is missing.  On an average not even one out of ten residences or businesses fly the American flag.  Where has our patriotism and respect for our brothers and sisters who gave their lives, served, and are still serving to protect and uphold all the things we enjoy each and every day gone.
How can we start a movement in this country to bring back the flying of the flag in honor of those who have sacrificed for it.  I'm looking for a way to kick off a mission here in Buffalo first that can be spread throughout this nation.  My goal is to get at least 50% participation in our community to display the flag on their homes and businesses.  I would like to see if Buffalo could become the flag city of our Nation and challenge other communities to do the same.
My plan is to contact flag producing companies and ask them to give us a break on the cost of the flag and accessories.  We also need the support of our city and businesses to set up a site where these flags would be available and a network of volunteers who would help install these flags.  I would volunteer to install residential flags for free.  I'm sure I could get support from our local Legion and other service groups to participate also.
I have this big dream but I do need support in bringing this idea from a dream to a reality.  Maybe if this were published we can start the movement.   
​Michael Quilty 

Lets Fly the Flag 
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